Friday, August 21, 2009

Mondrian Pics

For maths week we designed our own Mondrian art. We used black sharpie and bright colours. They look cool. Room 17

Maths roadshow came to town

We had to build blocks and follow instructions to make shapes against a mirror, SW, JT and CS

We had monkeys and we had to count all the flashes from a switch as the monkeys raced against each other down the board, FS

We had to drop blocks into holes to work out the temperature of different cities and answer questions. Peace out, SW, JT and CS

There was a code that we followed to pull levers out and it showed parts of pictures. You followed the instructions and when they were in the right order they spelt out a name
, the boys name was Tim and the girl was Joy. JD and LT

Maths roadshow came to town

Graham made all of the maths games for us to play with.
JE had to find out how many things he could fit on the back of the truck before it was overloaded.

We had to move the board to get the cow through the gates, it took us 12 gates. AR

MdK says it was tricky to get the blocks in the right place.

You had to find two trails to get the rabbit home SB

We were playing a treasure hunt, we had to move a block to see how many spaces we needed to get to the treasure, TD

Thursday, August 13, 2009