Friday, July 3, 2009

Room 17 would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. We will see you in Term 3.

BYE :-)


  1. What a cool site!!!! Good work Miss Wright:)! I'm Leroy's sister and Leroy says he likes it alot!!!! He also says he likes seeing all of his classmates in the blog!

    Have a nice day!! Room 17!

  2. Hello my name is christy i am saying hi to nicola eila

  3. I think Farah looks cool in her afro. Rm 17's blog is really good. Well done all of you

    Farah's Mother

  4. Hello Room 17. Your class blog ROCKS! I loved your writing about the joys and problems of having an afro! Very funny and what great imaginations you have. Your photographs are amazing - I will need your autographs some day. You guys must be FAMOUS! Keep up the excellent blogging!

  5. Morning Room 17
    I just love your class blog. Can't wait to tell heaps of people about it.
    Just loved your stories and pictures about having Afro's.
    Keep all the pictures and stories coming.
    What fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Josh T's familt

  6. Hi room 17!!!
    Youre blog is AWESOME!!!
    we want to say a big hello to all of you,Including Miss wright. if you look at our names,miss wright might know us!!!
    from...A.J,K.E and Y.Z from room 21!!

  7. Room 21 love your blog.Your photos look very hilarious.Keep it up!Hi miss Wright!Kj sw jce

  8. Wow! Room 17 you have a lot of hits on your blog.I will tell everyone I know to go on your blog

  9. Lol I like how your blog is so colourful. I want to see that big record!

  10. What a cute little pup. From VM

    It has such beautiful eyes.! From:JT

    He should be a model!- - Love:JG

  11. we are doing a good job.