Thursday, October 22, 2009

We made 3000 blog hits......thank you xxx


  1. hellow room 17 i have had a look at our blog i wely like our photos from our party yesterday from your clas member jd

  2. Hi Room 17
    You guys are amazing! I'm not surprised you've already had over 3000 visitors this year. Perhaps you could start a competition to guess how many visitors who will have by the end of Term 4! Can one of you talented students please show your teacher how to rotate photos in Picture Trail so they appear the correct way up? Thanks!

  3. i really like the daily puppy and the grown up pup even if they are ugly i still like them

    from m!!!

  4. hey room17,
    Congratulations on getting to 3000 hits on your blog your so lucky thay we wish we can get that many hits on our blog!

    From A.R