Monday, June 22, 2009

I woke up and I stretched out then I felt my hair. I said to myself what happened to me oh no it is school photos.

When I came out of the shower then suddenly boing my enormous afro grew bigger and bigger.
I am ridiculous and hit my head on the table.

Then the complete next morning I woke up with my big huge afro lying completely on my bedroom floor. Then I wake up in real life and my afro … well, my afro d d disappeared. Then mum said, honey pot, wake up, its school time and your afro photo is today. I laugh ha-ha, I called.


  1. WOW! I really like the start of your story Taren. sorry if I spelt your name wrong!

  2. Hi I thnk we are doing a good job on the blog.
    Love From Selina and my little sister Joanne.

  3. Dare Miss Wright.
    I say we are doing a good job on the blog.
    I have a to ask you something don't you think the blog is excellent that we got more then 100 people looked on our blog.
    I think we made a super fantastic team work on the blog.
    From SG and MD.

  4. helo nicola u rock year wow

  5. Dear miss wright i am Nicola's best friend and i think u are doing very well it is looking very cool i wish i was in your class. it has some cool people init like botany downs people but where is Nicola she would look so prity in the photo like she always dose

  6. Wow what a amazing blog!I love the puppy she is so cute but most of all I love your hard work,keep up the great effort!

  7. Funky hair styles.
    Like the Afro.
    From S.R, N.M, J.B
    Room 14